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About Auntie M

Hi! I'm Auntie M, I have volunteered with rescues, work as a vet assistant and am an advocate for canines. Especially ones with behavioural issues.

I have seen a developing need for support for people with canines who have behavioural issues. Most people think euthanasia is the only way. The SPCA will not help and will recommend euthanasia, and most rescues will not assist as the dog becomes a liability.

I have 3 rescue dogs of my own and know how stressful it can be. My ultimate goal is to keep dogs in their homes and give the owners back their control.

Providing solutions for families with canines who develop behavioural issues.

  • Behavioural Rehabilitation

    There are many behaviours that families deal with that causes disharmony in the home. Some of these behaviours include but are not limited to aggression, fear, resource guarding and reactivity. We use a customized training approach for you and your canine based on the severity of the issue.

  • Helping Families

    Auntie M's is solely volunteer based and runs by donation. We raise money to provide financial support to families, so they can have access to board and trains/one on one training or any other resource required to rehabilitate their animal and help rehome if necessary.

  • Providing Solutions

    It is as much as supporting the owner as it is the dog. In some cases rehoming is necessary and this is an added resource to the family

For The Love of Jackie Chan

We have teamed up with Laura from Polite Paws to for the Love of Jackie Chan Program, designed to provide low barrier resources to dog training for dogs with behavioural issues in memory of her beloved dog Jackie Chan. If you need help, please apply below, there are limited spots and can be a waiting period.

If you are interested in assisting with this program, please donate here.

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  • Brodie

    Available for adoption

    Hi! I'm Brodie.

    I am a 4-year-old Terrier Plott Hound.

    I am a rescue dog with some history unknown. In my current home I do not get along very nice with the other dogs, so I am looking for a home with no dogs, no cats and no small children. I am a fun-loving guy who likes to play. I would love to find a foster or adopter willing to work with the trainer on my continued training and let me snuggle on your lap. I love to play and I love treats. I also love to destroy toys.

    Apply Here to Foster or Adopt

    Click here if you'd like to donate to Brodie!

  • Rex

    Available for adoption

    Hi! I'm Rex

    I am a 4 year-old Husky Akbash X.

    Due to my breeds, I am genetically a guarder, which I am working on. I love people once I know they are safe and can be trusted. I am extremely loyal to my people.

    I am low energy, despite my size. I love to lounge in the sun, I love my kennel and getting belly rubs. I do love running around the yard

    I do love to play with dogs, but I need proper introductions because sometimes I can seem overbearing to other dogs.

    No kids and no cats, please.

    Could you be my forever?

    Apply Here to Foster or Adopt

    Click here if you'd like to donate to Rex!

  • Conan

    Hi! I'm Conan

    Available for Adoption

    I am a 4-year-old Malamute Shepherd X

    I come from Estevan Humane Society. Where I made a few friends that knew I needed more than kennel life because I am 1000 percent Husky brain. I need someone experienced with my breed.

    I need someone who will keep me active both in outdoor adventures but also in the form of training. Sit/stays, down/stays, place, recall those kinds of things.

    I do love to be pet, bellied rubbed and with my people. I need proper introductions to people, but once I know them, I love them.

    No small kids, I don't really love unpredictable. I have not been cat tested, but get along great with other dogs.

    I am kennel trained, e-collar trained, which Auntie Ms will support you on and how to communicate safely with me.

    Could you be my forever friend?

    Apply Here to Foster or Adopt